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Embossed Paisley Heated Footies, Neck pillow & Spa Booties


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SPA FOOTIES These warm, comfortable footies are a luxurious experience with or without the lavender flaxseed inserts, which can be heated to soothe and improve circulation or frozen to reduce swelling. Applying Lavender Foot Balm before slipping feet into the heated footies takes the experience to the next level. The lavender relaxes, while the flaxseed retains the heat. The covers can be removed and washed. Fit sizes 6-10 $42.00

NECK PILLOW The lavender flowers and flaxseed which fill these pillows bring deep heat and relaxation to that place which most likes to hold tension: your neck. The combined affect of the lavender aromatherapy with the long-lasting heat relieves aching muscles. Microwave one minute for 15 minutes of moist, aromatic heat right where you ache, even if it is not your neck. Covers may be removed and washed in cold water. 20" $45.00

SPA BOOTIES The moist, aromatic heat from these spa booties will pamper and soothe your tired feet. The removable lavender insert may be microwaved for 30 to 60 seconds. The warmth of the booties also improves circulation. Dry feet can be moisturized by applying Lavender Footbalm, then wrapping feet in plastic bags, before slipping into the heated booties. The penetrating heat assists the absorbtion of the lotion into skin to soothe and moisturize, leaving feet feeling soft and rejuvinated. One size fits 6-10. $45.00

Items pictured are sold individually, not as a set.

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